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Quotes "This is the cleanest sounding bumpin system I've heard, let's do it again" Quotes
Calvin Broadus AKA Snoop Dogg

Quotes We wish we could take you everywhere with us, next trip to the U.S. you can expect us to call you Quotes
Sanjay Shrestha
Drums & Percussion 1974AD

Quotes This is the easiest sound check we've had in months, Thank You for making it so!!! Quotes
FOH for Maceo Parker

Quotes Our entire team & the organization is very impressed by your work & very great full for your cooperation, Thank You! Quotes
Nima Rumba
Nepali Singer, Songwriter, Composer

Quotes I'm fairly certain End Fair 2014 was the best live audio fidelity the Fairhaven auditorium has ever experienced! Big thanks to Groove Merchant Northwest and Eddie Hernandez. Quotes
Russ Fish
Audio Instructor, Recording Engineer

Quotes Thanks for taking the time to make EVERYBODY sound great last night! Great environment, total pro sound, I had a great time! Quotes
Billy Stapleton
Guitar Extraordinaire

Quotes Great job with the sound this weekend...lots of compliments from folks out in the audience!! Quotes
Jonathan Oogie Richards
NWCZ On Air Host - Mighty Mouth Blues

Quotes Great job Eddie Hernandez with the lights and stage! You rock! Quotes
Wendy Messarina Volosin
Dance & Model Instructor

Quotes I can't say enough good things about your dedication and knowledge and preparedness and effort to do whatever is required to make a good project a great one! Quotes
Damara Kiceniuk
Salsa Dance Coordinator

Quotes It makes it easy to get it done when you work with professionals like Eddie Quotes
Cheyenne Kamran
Director Mad Salsa Productions
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